Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From: (Gregory Glockner)
Date:         2 Jun 1995 20:03:21 GMT
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
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>First Business/Coach convertible about convertible cabins!

Actually, this has been considered.  Four years ago when I worked for
Northwest, we were in Seattle for meetings with Boeing Commercial
Aircraft and Boeing Computer Services.  At the end of the day, our
Boeing hosts took us for "show and tell" in their sales department.
They have a large warehouse building with mockups of different cabins
of their aircraft.  I even went in the 777 mockup back then!

Anyway, the thing we were to see was an experimental seat design: the
seats had an accordion-like structure that allowed them to be altered
on demand.  In a couple of minutes, one person could make a 5-abreast
seating configuration changeover into a 6-abreast.  (This is a *lot*
easier than the combi aircraft that require a forklift to changeover
the seating configurations).  This was accomplished by pushing one set
of seats inward (for the two) and pulling the other one outward (for a
wider three).  This had interesting potential for allowing different
on-the-fly changes of the cabin.  For example, you could fly mostly
coach seats for MIA-LGA, then "add" more first class seats for

I don't know if anyone ever purchased these seats, but it was an
interesting idea.
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