Re: B777 speculation

From: (Eric Olesen)
Date:         2 Jun 1995 02:48:33 GMT
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H Andrew Chuang ( wrote:
: in recent aritcles as possible B777 or A330/340 customers are:
: and most recently Delta and American.  (The two American carriers seem to
: be interested in the shortened, long-range B777.  One of the routes
: mentioned for the B777-100X was Dallas-Tokyo.  Isn't is obvious which
: airline is Boeing's top target for the -100X?)

You mean Delta got approval for DFW-NRT?   :>

AA's interest will continue to peak as long as the pilots union and TWU 
contract talks continue to move. Depending on who you talk to, there is 
a lot of ground still yet to cover or the agreement in emminent. If they 
don't both come to an agreement that will reduce overall costs without 
losing pay or benefits by doing so, then I doubt that we'll see any 
bare-metal twins flying for a U.S. flag carrier from Texas.... No 
contract, no new toys.

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