Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From: (Eric Olesen)
Date:         28 May 1995 02:41:27 GMT
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Michael Jennings ( wrote:

: 	As for derivatives, the action seems to be in the 777/A330/A340
: area of the market. Boeing is apparently talking with American about a
: shortened/long range version of the 777. (Does anyone know enough of the
: technical details to be able to tell whether the airframe is suited to
: this. It sounds almost like the 747SP to me, which was a white elephant).
: Again I suspect that Boeing might be inclined to build it, given the
: size and importance of the airline involved, and the fact that Airbus is
: talking about something similar (the A340-8000). 

Well, I can only hope that the long range 777 is nothing close to the 
747SP... The only comparison might be the passenger load (225-275), but 
that falls right into the AA philosophy. If it has four engines and an 
analog 3-man cockpit, we don't want to even think about those anymore...

The 747-SP31's AA leased from TW had the worst dispatch reliability of any 
aircraft I ever worked around. When AA had their two -SPs on the JFK-LHR 
and JFK-BRU routes, the passenger service staff would make bets to see 
which one went out of service first... N601AA and N602AA will not be 
missed! (but their registration numbers have since been reasigned to 
some of the newer 757-223s)

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