Re: Big hailstorm at DFW

From: (Eric Olesen)
Date:         5 May 1995 00:21:54 GMT
Organization: Texas Metronet, Inc  (login info (214/705-2901 - 817/571-0400))
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: Delta has a sizeable hub at DFW, of course, and I'm a bit surprised to
: see no mention of damage to their aircraft.

While the hub is not so sizable anymore, people locally in DFW 
have mentioned the fact that "several" Delta aircraft were parked at 
their hanger with all kinds of maintenance equipment and people crawling
'round the planes... They were hit too, but not quite as bad. The DL hub 
here is largely 727s and 737s with a few MD80s and widebodies thrown in. 
The Boeings held up a little better than the rest (although we're sending 
one of our 757s back to Boeing at Renton for repairs...).

: >What fraction of a carrier's fleet is typically on the ground at one
: >place at one time so that this kind of thing can happen?

: In the SAA incident, roughly 20% of their fleet was damaged.  AA was
: significantly less than 10%.  Hubs increase the exposure, but most of
: the hub-and-spoke carriers have multiple hubs which distributes the
: exposure some.  A carrier like Southwest has a lot less exposure.

The exposure risk was also greater because of bad weather on a Saturday 
at DFW -- departure delays kept more aircraft on the ground than usual 
and a lot of flights don't operate on Saturday nights so there were even 
more aircraft parked on the ramp than normal...

: The worst case is probably an all-international carrier with a single
: hub, such as Virgin Atlantic, which has close to half its fleet at
: London (albeit split between LHR and LGW) for a few hours each day.
: This may be true for sub-fleets within larger carriers too -- around
: noon, United has a remarkable number of 747s, at least 25% of their
: 747 fleet, on the ground at SFO.

AA keeps over 40% of their A300 fleet at JFK each night, with another 30% at 
MIA and the remaining 30% at SJU... 

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