SR111 findings

From: (James Matthew Weber)
Date:         Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:32:04 EDT
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The current edition of Aviation Week and Space Technology reports some
interesting finds in the SR111 investigation.

1).  All fire damage so far seems to be in the 'crown of the aircraft
above the cockpit-cabin bulkhead'. So far no evidence of heat damage
has been found in the Avionics bay.

2). About 80% of the aircraft has been recovered.

3). The No 2 enginer 'was not producing power when the engine struck
the water'.  It isn't clear to me what the meaning of this statement.
Was the engine not running at all, or was it at Flight Idle?  In any
event it is a somewhat surprising finding (Engines 1 and 3 were
running when they hit the water). Tihs information comes from post
crash examination of the engines rather than FDR or FADEC non-volatile
memory data.