747 / Air Force 1 Question

From:         JW6191A@american.edu (John Witherspoon)
Date:         16 Feb 1996 15:38:34 -0800
Organization: The American University
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olesen@metronet.com (Eric Olesen) writes:
>The Airforce operates 707s, 737s, 747s and DC9s, and NASA has operated
>just about everything else other than the five mentioned.
Speaking of U.S. Air Force 747s, when I was once on an Air Force One
hangar and plane tour, I heard some story about an extra window that had
been installed next to the desk where the President sits so that he
(she?) could have a view.  I believe the fuselage was otherwise
windowless in that vicinity.  Apparently, this was a simple-looking
fix that ended up being a major engineering feat to pull off.  I never
did get the full story.
Any Boeing-heads know anything more about this?