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Moderated newsgroups

Moderated newsgroups differ from unmoderated newsgroups by including some sort of approval process which all submissions must pass before appearing in the group. There are many reasons why this might be done, but an increasingly common reason is the sheer volume of redundant or off-topic posts in many newsgroups.

Why is sci.aeronautics.airliners moderated?

Robert Dorsett originally proposed sci.aeronautics.airliners because he felt that there was enough discussion of airliners in rec.aviation to justify a new group dedicated just to airliners. He proposed a moderated group because he felt that much of the airliner discussion in was redundant, periodic repeats of past discussions, or idle speculation (often after a crash) that drove away contributions from people who might have some real technical knowledge while misleading those who didn't know any better.

The moderation process can be difficult for the moderator and sometimes the sheer volume of trafic can become overwhelming. However, somewhat surprisingly, the number of people who write to say thank you for an enjoyable and high-quality group (if not always as timely as it might be) far outweighs the number of complaints. Thanks to all who have expressed their appreciation, and to those who have accepted rejections with understanding. You all make the effort worthwhile.

Reasons for rejections

There are a number of reasons why a submission to sci.aeronautics.airliners might be rejected. In general, an attempt is made to explain the rejection via e-mail, though sometimes the volume of submissions makes it difficult to respond to all of them.

The large volume of submissions can also lead to delays. A delay may simply mean that the submission has not yet been accepted, not that it has been rejected. This often happens only to some threads since the approval process is more easily handled if done on one thread at a time. With limited time and often torrential streams of posts, some threads get deferred. (Few, if any, moderators are paid for their newsgroup efforts. Contributions to help pay the bills are nevertheless welcome!)

Here are some common reasons for rejection, listed in no particular order:

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