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This is a searchable archive of the sci.aeronautics.airliners newsgroup, indexed using Isearch 1.41. Search queries are case insensitive and are not regular expressions. See the examples below for information on how to construct search queries. You can also browse the archives using this tool.

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Returns articles containing ...
Airbus and Boeing both Airbus and Boeing anywhere in the message
Airbus Boeing same as above (and is implied)
Airbus or Boeing either Airbus or Boeing (or both) anywhere in the message
auto* autopilot, autoland, etc. anywhere in the message
(* only works as a suffix)
from/"Karl Swartz" Karl Swartz in the message's From: header
subject/A3XX A3XX in the message's Subject: header
message-body/A3XX A3XX in the body of the message
Airbus and (777 or A340) Airbus and either 777 or A340 anywhere in the message

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